29 Apr, 2019


For the maintenance of Shiba Inu suitable household with a spacious securely fenced area. The breed is very energetic and loves active games, walking or jogging with the owner. Socialization is very important for representatives of this breed. Like any dog, Shiba Siba may become insecure or rude if it is not socialized enough in childhood.

Timely socialization will guarantee that the puppy will grow fully developed adult individual, because the siba have excessive suspicion of strangers and belligerence in dealing with dogs. Shiba Inu chases small animals that run away from him, thus causing the hunting instinct. This is the reason why the dog should always be on a leash when you go outside with your dog.

One of the bizarre traits of Shiba Inu’s character is a dislike for restriction, despite the fact that it is necessary for the safety of the animal itself. The dog can not tolerate the collar and does not like to walk on a leash. Getting used to a leash in dogs of this breed will take a decent amount of time and will require the owner’s patience, but is vital. Admission to the puppy school of obedience is recommended.

Working with an experienced dog handler who is familiar with the subtleties of character and knows the specifics of the breed will be useful not only for the education of obedience, but also for stimulating socialization skills. Do not despair if Shiba Inu is a difficult and stubborn student – it is innate. Take this quality as a given.

But toilet training at the Shiba Inu breed is relatively easy. After your dog understands the concept of where he should go, he will go there whenever he can. Schooling to the tray will guarantee the absence of “unpleasant incidents” in the house.

A dog carrier is a place where Shiba Inu can take a nap. Develop her habit of carrying from puppyhood, it will help the dog calmly treat the “conclusion” if necessary: ​​when moving and hospitalization. But do not leave your pet in a cage for a long time. This is not a prison cell, and the dog should not sit in a cage for a long time, except for periods of sleep. Shiba Inu born not to spend time locked in a crate or aviary.


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