29 Apr, 2019


    • Wide head, with a pronounced bend at the transition from forehead to nose. Closer to the back of the nose from the frontal lobes is the separation groove. The muzzle should not be narrowed sharply.

    • The animal has a straight back and thick, close-fitting lips.

    • The nose is almost square lobe. In the classic version, the color is black, but in some cases lighter colors are possible.

    • Teeth, according to the breed standard, should be in full set and in the correct bite.

    • Shiba Inu has almond-shaped, classic-shaped eyes, however, with a slanting posture. The color should be in shades of brown and very rich.

    • Ears in an animal of small size, with a slight inclination forward. Very mobile and triangular shape. The auricle is very tough, the cartilage is thick and dense.

    • Shiba Inu is characterized by a well-developed musculature, the constitution is proportional and well-built. The breed has an oval cross-section, a short and rather thick neck.

    • The sternum has a pronounced deep bend of the ribs. The back is medium in size, wide and strong, harmoniously combined with a pronounced withers.

    • The croup is sloping, the lumbar region is strong and strong, pronounced.

    • Shiba Inu has elbows pressed to the body and inclined shoulder blades. The lower parts of the hind limbs should be steep down to the ground. The thighs are elongated and the hind legs are noticeably more powerful than the front ones, due to the strong hock joints. They are very visible and stand out from the silhouette of the hind legs. Also, this breed is characterized by short shins.

    • Animals have very strong paw pads, and fingers are collected, slightly bent.

    • Black claws.

    • Thick and very powerful tail – an essential attribute of Shiba Inu. In a relaxed state, the tip of the tail reaches to the hock joints. The animal wears it draped over its back, in the form of a tightly folded ring.


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