29 Apr, 2019


Early age is the only time to develop habits. A poorly trained adult dog will not be retrained even by a qualified instructor.

The nature of the hunter makes Shiba Inu think that household items are designed to develop strength and dexterity. Be patient, remove cords, kitchen utensils, toys, clothing and shoes, and books. A puppy needs personal dog toys to scratch the gums while growing or changing teeth. If Siba tries to bite the corners of the furniture or the door – scold and gently spank on the neck, and then let’s get a personal toy.

Shiba Inu – freedom-loving proud dog. If the puppy does not want to let the person to the bowl, does not allow to examine the teeth and paws, you must specify the place of Sheba in the hierarchy. In nature, this happens as follows – the mother or the leader of the pack takes the dog by the scruff of the neck and “shakes” until he hears a scream. Take away and return food or personal toys to the puppy until he gets used. Do not allow to behave arrogantly or aggressively towards you, from an early age show who is the boss in the relationship.

Shiba Inu is an emotional temperamental breed. From birth, wean the dog to jump with its paws per person: host, children, guests. While playing and chatting, lean towards Sib to its level. If the puppy is overly active, hold it by the collar. If, after all, Shiba jumped, rudely push aside and strictly say “fu,” so that jumping to a person would be associated with something unpleasant and bad. Praise the dog for allowed manifestations of emotions: low barking, wagging his tail, marking time. Do not allow hands to bite – the puppy should not develop the wrong association. Hands are fed, stroked, lead, show commands, and you cannot bite them.

From birth, teach Shib to a bowl. It is impossible to feed from the table – because of the peculiar nature of the dog, the habit of begging and stealing food quickly develops. If Sheba tries to pull a piece off the table, punish him gently.

From birth, teach your dog to the team “place” and loneliness. Close the Shiba alone in the room, and when she starts to whine and scratch, open the door a little, lightly slap your torso or nose and say “no” or “fu.” Be patient, repeat to the result. When the puppy stops making noise, wait a couple of minutes, enter the room, praise the puppy, play with it and let it out. Gradually increase the period of loneliness.

If there is a child in the house, with a serious face, explain to him that Ceba is a living being with its desires, which needs to learn a lot. Do not allow a child to torment and tease a dog.

Passivity of the puppy – the first sign of the disease. Siba needs a lot of activity. Train yourself to walk a lot with the dog, do not leave alone for a long time. Buy Shiba personal toys and a long leash with a soft collar.


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