29 Apr, 2019


It is recommended to feed the dog 2-3 times a day, rather than pour out all the food at once in a bowl. The amount of food depends on the physique, age and activity of the animal. It should be remembered about proper nutrition and special diets that are prescribed by veterinarians for certain diseases. If Shiba is subjected to additional physical exertion during training, then the portion should be increased.

Try to prevent overweight by controlling the amount and nutritional value of the feed. But you can’t leave a dog hungry either. When looking at a pet from top to bottom, you should see the waist distinctly. Put your hands on his back so that your thumbs are on your spine. Well, if you feel the ribs, and removing your hands – you do not see them. If you find your dog has extra weight, increase the number of workouts and reduce the size of servings.

It is important to understand that the diet of a dog largely determines the quality and duration of its life. Recommendations and comments of dog breeders on specialized sites and forums make us seriously think about the question of feeding your pet. Choosing a good feed and following certain rules will allow your Shiba Inu to live happily ever after!


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